Evandro Marullo

After obtaining the Prosthodontist diploma, Evandro Marullo moves to Germany where he attends training and updating educational courses held by industry leaders. He specializes in complex gnathological rehabilitations, obtaining the certified recognition for teaching the Polz and Schulz technique. He attends Prof.Slavicek, Bumann and Winzen school and in ’98 he opens his laboratory Dental Design.During the years, he devotes himself to training as a lecturer for companies such as Kavo, Yeti-Dental and Cendrex+Meteaux. He organizes courses on ceramic layering until he realizes that his technique has such a systematic that it can be imported into a specific algorithm: this is how CDSL System is born, a new frontier of remote communication between dental practice and laboratory.

Italy, Lecce

Odontologists – Remote color communication between dental practice and laboratory with CDSL

1.350,00 + IVA

The CDSL System signed course aimed at Odonotologists thanks to which you will be able to discover the Color Vision 3D software in a 2-day event. The system solves, as a first step, the communication of the color of natural teeth between dental practice and laboratory even remotely and without the presence of the prosthodontist, secondly it saves time for the team and the patient, reducing the number of tests and prosthetic products, therefore, profit margins, which is very complex today in the restoration of single teeth.

Theory course:
20/21 september 2019

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Product Description

The course

How can the clinician communicate the tooth color with maximum precision using commonly available technologies and how can the ceramist replicate the color reliably and in a measurable way and solve the case in a single time?
In the course you will learn the photography protocol developed after a thorough research, countless trials and close collaboration between clinical experts, technicians, graphic designers, programming engineers.
The course programme includes the use of digital reflex camera with the aid of macro objectives and flash and tools such as the polarizer ( to cancel reflections), the bracket for flash positioning (without error margin ). The course lays the foundation for the use of the software developed by CDSL, that guides the technicians step by step into layering, from the choice of the correct material ( base ) according to the thicknesses and to the requirements described by the clinician.

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Additional Information

Held by

Evandro Marullo

Course programme

The course consists of a two-day meeting.
During the meeting the technicians and clinicians will learn the technical knowledge of the calibration systems, followed by practice by calibrating their own communication means between each others and by practising the photographic protocols on the patient in-person, eliminating any possible shadow error and finally the acquisition to detect color data.

Required material

Digital SLR reflex camera (Canon or Nikon)
Side flashes (Nikon SB200 or Canon MT 24ex)
CDSL Gray Card
CDSL bracket
CDSL polarizers
Technicians first meeting
Digital SLR reflex camera (Canon or Nikon)
Side flashes (Nikon SB200 or Canon MT 24ex)
CDSL Gray Card
CDSL bracket
CDSL polarizers
Computer or laptop (Window or Mac)
Photoshop software
(a trial version can be downloaded from www.adobe.com)
It is not mandatory to have the material. Students without the material will be provided with it by the organizers.




Italy, Lecce


20/21 september 2019 theory


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