From the latest digital research for color matching and thanks to the continuous development of technological tools for communication, CDSL system was born. The system solves the communication of the color of natural teeth between dental practise and laboratory even remotely and without the presence of the dental technician, saving time for the team and the patient.
The system reduces the number of tests and prosthetic products, increasing the profit margins, which is nowadays very complex in the restoration of single teeth. All this to meet the patients’needs and to be able to match the chromatic and individual naturalness of a natural tooth.


CDSL was born form an idea of dental technician Evandro Marullo, who passionately studied the behaviours of ceramic materials and frameworks in his research. The best prosthodontists in the world have been committed for several years to the need to know before the processing start, how to break down a three-dimensional colour (that of natural teeth), to know how to accurately choose the framework and be guided in the influence that this will have on our ceramic material and on its shade.
Today the advent of digital cameras has added the possibility to study the optical behaviour of the materials we choose for our prosthetic products.


Digital technology has given us the possibility to adapt color measurement systems (digital color spaces and photo processing software) already commonly used in manufacturing and graphics, to our needs in the dental field. The dental technician Evandro Marullo has put together a team in order to have tools (flash brackets, polarizers, balancing cards, precision tools) that reduce the potential error margins and he has developed a software able to break down the three-dimensional color and to guide the users in choosing the correct materials (framework) and correct couplings (framework + ceramics).


This system opens up innovative horizons in the dental field, allowing even less experienced people and professionals to achieve optimal results. Before the rise of this system, many years of experience and practice in the field were required, as well as a thorough knowledge of the materials used.
The added value is this: better results with less effort on the part of the professional. With regard to the subject of the color of natural teeth we have finally obtained repeatability and control of the result thanks to the protocols, software and tools developed by CDSL System.


The system opens the way for new communication possibilities between dental practices and laboratories even based in different cities, countries or continents, thus offering the possibility of opening up to new customers, reducing processing times. This is the first step towards a quality certification as well as the possibility to save data, which makes the system unique and different from the others


There are many advantages in terms of time savings thanks to the use of the software: it will no longer be necessary to go to the dental practice, the software will avoid sampling and retries and can be used for several ceramic systems.


Emulating the colour of a single natural tooth is the biggest challenge for technicians. Providing a system that leads to overcoming this challenge is a significant step forward for our team and for everyone. The product quality and the work are greatly enhanced thanks to prior checks of the result and of the individual steps, data backups and the reduced use of super colors.


The margin of error control preventive system starting from the choice of the framework, the ceramic masses and the subsequent processing steps, leads to the total integration of the prosthetic product with delta E (0,5), so low that is not perceived by the human eye.


The system reduces the number of tests and prosthetic products, increasing the profit margins, which is very complex nowadays in the restoration of single teeth. All this in order to meet the patients’needs and to be able to emulate the chromatic and individual naturalness of a natural tooth.


Color Vision 3D software is a guide. Starting from a calibrated image, the user is guided to the color reading, to the choice of the framework and to the choice of the ceramic masses, avoiding time consuming specimens and mixtures with super colors that modify the optical properties of ceramic materials.
The software is easy to understand because its processes are sequential. The software allows the saving of data and images that can be recalled at any time, allowing to monitor and measure the results, guiding the operator also when creating the thicknesses.
In short, it’s like having an infinite amount of samples at your fingertips. The software in fact contains the most known brands of dental ceramics and various frameworks (metal, zirconia and disilicate).


Elaborazione Raw ed esportazione JPG calibrato


Lettura del colore e progettazione Faccetta in ceramica


Lettura del colore e progettazione Corona zirconio ceramica


Lettura e progettazione colore in 4 minuti


Color Vision 3D software will change the way you work! It is different from all other systems because it does not work on the basis of thicknesses color scales that will never be used, but on samples and behaviours of ceramic masses on real thicknesses according to the base that is used.

Maximum precision even before beginning to stratify the ceramic is guaranteed thanks to LAB and LCH color checking system, the control of the error margin through delta E, the use of 6 tabs for every need and a simulation tab.
The software is available on Windows and Mac operating systems by purchasing an annual license that not only offers the use of the software but also provides the system updates.

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